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Don't settle for average when you could have extraordinary! With over 20 years of home building and home design experience, we can help you design the home of your dreams.

Discover our process for creating high quality custom home plans that deliver the home of your dreams on a budget you can afford.

Home plan designer in Tri-Cities Washington Kennewick Pasco RichlandSageland Design provides custom home plans to builders and home buyers. While stock plans can be cost-effective to purchase, they don't always fit your needs exactly. There's no such thing as a "perfect floor plan," but when you have Sageland Design create a custom home design based on your specifications, the home will reflect your personality and lifestyle. We will help you find a good balance between your desires and your budget, and put our years of construction and design experience to work for you, finding innovative ways to reduce your costs.

All in all, a custom home plan can end up costing less than a stock plan, when you factor in the cost of building rooms that are not practical for the needs of your family. What does a custom home plan cost? It depends largely on the square footage you are wanting, the number of rooms, and the detail level. Contact us to get a free estimate!


At Sageland Design we have developed an efficient process for creating high quality custom home plans. Our designers are practiced in putting dreams onto paper. You can be sure your desires will be accurately understood and integrated into your design. Our designer's practical experience will merge with your dreams to create an economical plan for your future home.

Using our extensive design expertise and the 3D CAD program called Chief Architect we’ll produce detailed drawings to build your house. Then working together, we’ll go through a process that incorporates your wants and needs into a design that fulfills those requirements. All the while, we’ll work hard to keep your budget in mind so the designs we come up with can become reality.

Articulate Your Ideas

Browsing existing plans is a great way to get started with ideas and inspiration. There are many resources available including the home plan books we have on hand here at Sageland Design. We have some questionnaires that the designer will go through with you to help define your goals and understand your needs. Compile additional notes as you browse and our designer will be happy to integrate the particular components that interest you into your personal plan.

Design Stage 1 - Initial Design & Preliminary Drawing

During our initial meeting, I will ask questions and review the information that you have gathered about your project. Following the initial meeting your designer will review the information you supplied and provide you with a preliminary design focusing on form and function as we apply your input into the drawing.

Take some time to review it and indicate the modifications you want. It is very common for the preliminary drawing to return to our office covered with markings. If we’ve managed to capture what you want in the preliminary design, we’ll move to the next step. If not, we’ll work on the preliminary drawing until we arrive at a plan that works for you.

Design Stage 2 - Refining the Plan

This 2nd preliminary drawing will incorporate the changes you marked on the 1st preliminary design as part of the plan. We will also include elevation views. This version should look much more like your desired home, but you can still make revisions. With a firm understanding of the design, the next step is to start adding more detail to the plan.

At this point, we will add more structural detail, accurate dimensions, windows, doors, cabinets etc. to the plan. We’ll continue to move through this stage of the process until we both agree that the plan is coming together with the ideas that work for you.

Design Stage 3 - Finalizing the Design

At this stage, the plan for your dream home is almost ready for completion! Stage three is the final stage with nearly all of your information in place. Look over this drawing closely to ensure that you are ready to have the plan completed.

Design Stage 4 - The Working Drawings

Once the plan is at a point where it works for you, we will proceed to detailing it for the working drawings. We will create the foundation plan, roof plan, add notes, dimensions, details, and everything else that will be required for the building contractor and to obtain permits, other than any needed engineering. (i.e. I-Joist layout, Truss engineering, Structural or Lateral engineering) Some plans may require lateral or structural engineering dues to the complexity of the structure and/or building jurisdictions.

During this process we may consult with your contractor to discuss the building methods that they prefer. Upon completion of the working drawings, we will send an electronic copy of the plan to you, designed to meet nationally recognized building codes. We can print full size prints for you or you can have them printed at a print shop. You will now have working drawings! These are completed plans that are ready to take to your builder of choice and to submit to the building department to obtain a permit.

What does a custom home plan cost?

It depends largely on the square footage you are wanting, the number of rooms, and the detail level. Contact us to get a free estimate!

5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Dream Home

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